What Leggings Should You Wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

What do the stars say about your style? Find out which print best fits your zodiac sign!


Mermaid Leggings, $25.99.

Unpredictable Aquarius can embrace her unique style with these shimmery leggings.


Sunset Leggings, $18.99.  

Libra can find serenity with this peaceful sunset print, fulfilling her need for balance and harmony in her life with a balanced scene of night and day as one.


Day of the Dead Leggings, $25.99.

Colorful and outgoing Gemini can bring energy to any occasion. These Day of the Dead leggings liven up any outfit. 


Midnight Owl Leggings, $25.99.

The deep blues and purples of this owl print reflect the mysterious and reserved nature of Capricorns.


Mathematical Leggings, $25.99.  

Stable, reliable, analytical Virgo will enjoy solving the equations of our mathematical print.


Cleopatra Leggings, $25.99.

Wisdom and strength define Taurus. Flaunt your strengths with this detailed print of one of ancient history's most famous queens. 


Starry Night Leggings, $28.99.  

Idealistic Sagittarius is always looking to the stars. The starry night print will fuel her sense of wonder and creativity.


Eventide Lion Athletic Leggings, $27.99.  

Leo is steadfast and radiant, and this breathtaking print shows off her best qualities. 


Enchanted Forest Leggings, $18.99. 

Enthusiastic Aires is fueled by new adventures, and these enchanted forest leggings will help get her there. 


Sun and Moon Leggings, $25.99.

Imaginative Pisces is a mystic at heart, always thinking about new worlds and places. 


Muscle Leggings, $25.99.

Scorpio's energy may come off a little intense at times, but that's just her protective nature shining through. 


Wind and Sea Leggings, $18.99. 

Much like the sea, Cancer is a balance between serene and fierce. Her waves are never meant to be tamed. 

    What's your zodiac sign? Did you like the leggings we picked for you? Let us know your favorites in the comments! 

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    • Amy

      Leo nation leggings!! I love how they got different Leggings for each zodiac sign I am a Leo so I love the lion Leggings awesome!!! #LoveLotusLeggings

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