Welcome to lotus leggings. This is our Promise to you!

  • We began with a simple idea: empower women around the world. Give them the ability to express themselves.
  • Give women great confidence while wearing quality, comfy leggings. We have built great relationships with great people all over the world. We have developed a community filled with unique, passionate, amazing people worldwide!
  • We strive to inspire and empower women everywhere, no matter who they are or what they love to do. We want you all to be able to express your true self through our brand, all while being comfortable with both yourself and in our clothing.
  • We don’t discriminate against your size. We love you all. We know that beauty comes in many forms.
  • We understand feeling beautiful means feeling great about yourself, therefore our brand fits great, feels great and looks great on everyone!
  • We are not only about empowering women through our clothing. We empower women in their everyday lives.
  • We employ talented people all around the world at real living wages. We employ single moms, freelancers, and many more from all walks of life, not only in the US but all over the world! Our company is full of people who love what they do and have fun doing it!
  • We hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality and commitment. We promise to you, we will always maintain very high standards. We will always provide you with amazing products.
  • We will always provide you with great customer service.
  • We will always promote our values within our community
  • We have created and grown our brand so that you, our customers and fans, may call it Your Brand.

Without you, none of this would be possible.

-Leggings Forever!

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