Style Tips for Men Who Wear Leggings

Sorry, ladies, this one actually isn’t for you.

Gentlemen: Have you been thinking about leggings lately? Maybe you’ve already been rocking the comfort and stretch of our amazing leggings, or maybe you’ve seen someone else in a fantastic print and thought to yourself “could that be me?”

Some people try to argue that men shouldn’t wear leggings, but we think that’s nonsense. Any history buff could tell you that men were wearing leggings way before women. Compression leggings have been a great addition to men’s athletic wear, but more and more we’ve seen men’s leggings, also called “meggings,” pop up on the fashion scene.

Men's Leggings Fashion Tips
Pictured: Skeleton Leggings, $7.99; King Tut Leggings, $18.99.

If you’ve been thinking about wearing leggings and aren’t sure where to start, or you already love your Lotus Leggings and want some outfit ideas, check out our style tips below:

What’s so great about leggings?

  • They’re warmer than shorts.
  • Legs for days! Get the form flattering look of skinny jeans without the discomfort.
  • Do more of what you love. Enjoy the freedom and full range of motion of the stretchy material.
  • More choices! You can find leggings in hundreds of prints, patterns, and color options.

Style Tips for Men Who Wear Leggings

Go Long

Try an extra long graphic tee or a nicer shirt that offers a little extra coverage no matter what sort of leggings you’re wearing.

Men's Leggings Fashion Tips
Pictured: Muscle Leggings, $18.99. 

Layer it Up

Layered outfits are a great look for anyone. Try pairing darker colored leggings with a button up top layered with a loose fitting jacket or vest. How about our mech leggings ($18.99) for an edgier look?


It’s all about the details. Scarves, hats, watches, and jewelry can all add a little extra flair to your outfit and make your leggings look like part of an ensemble rather than the stand-out piece.

Stay Simple

Sometimes simplicity is a good thing. Whether you’re rocking a pair of solids or you’re going for your favorite vibrant print, pairing those leggings with darker, solid colors can be a great way to either play up or tone down your overall look, depending on what you’re after.

Me's Leggings Fashion Tips
Pictured: Solid Leggings, $18.99; Mech Leggings, $18.99.

Keep it Loose

Contrast is key. Try complementing the skin-tight look of leggings with a loose shirt or jacket. You’ll be rolling in style and in comfort.

Try a Splash of Color

Wearing fun, colorful leggings will probably attract some attention, in a very good way! Try your favorite shade of our galaxy leggings ($14.99) or camo leggings ($26.99).

Men's Leggings Fashion Tips
Pictured: Unicorn Leggings, $18.99.

Go Your Own Way

We’re here to offer tips, not rules, so be sure to break away from what others think is “okay” to wear, and make your style your own! Check out our shop to see our selection of quality unisex casual and athletic leggings. With 500+ styles to choose from, we know you'll find something you love!

Male Lotus fans: We'd love to hear from you! Share your pics to our Facebook or Instagram pages for a chance to be featured. Have a different style idea we didn’t list here? Let us know in the comments!


  • Andy

    Great article and tips. Thanks LOTUS LEGGINGS. Time to buy some leggings but which ones to get…hmmm

  • Andy

    Any chance we can see males model your leggings so we can get an idea on which ones to go for? Thanks

  • Claude Duval

    I have recently started wearing black leggings with knee length leather riding boots with a long white shirt or loose top to various venues I have attended. They are so comfortable to wear.
    I have had many nice comments from just about everyone and that is so pleasing, and yes I have bought some more.

  • Eddie

    Are your leggings for ladies? Leggings for gals cutting is different from guy’s. I’d see all your leggings with high rise worn by women.

  • Lotus Leggings

    Hi Michael! We’ve had quite a few Lotus Dudes who love the comfort of our leggings and capris!

    Check out our size charts page for measurement info, and keep in mind all measurements are for “flat” leggings and they all have plenty of stretch and give. Thanks for commenting!

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