Leggings Fall Fashion Tips

Leggings Fall Fashion Tips
Pictured: Sun and Moon Leggings, $30.99.

Tired of the usual black leggings + white top + boots look? Why not mix it up a little this fall with some fun prints? Here are our top tips for fall leggings fashion.

Invest in Quality Leggings

Our first tip is probably the most important. As it gets colder, you’re going to want some leg coverage that’s as warm as it is comfortable. Some leggings out there are way too thin, and in addition to going completely sheer when you do anything but pose for that selfie, they aren’t going to do much against the cold. Check out our selection of comfy casual and athletic leggings that won’t leave your legs bared... or chilled.

Go Big

Complement the fitted look of our leggings with extra long, loose, and over-sized tops to contrast and provide a little extra coverage for warmth.

Dare to Layer

Leggings Fall Fashion Tips
Pictured: Mermaid Leggings, $30.99. 

Cold weather fashion is all about the layers. Camis, cardigans, skirts, and scarves are all perfect contenders for your fall style. Mix and match your favorite colors, fabrics, and patterns!

Get the Right Shoes

Leggings Fall Fashion Tips
Pictured: Alien Leggings, $30.99.

Ballerina flats are great for almost any occasion and are especially great for a professional office look. Boots are a must for winter, of course, whether you prefer taller boots or ankle height.

Make a Statement

Whether it’s a unique pair of shoes, your favorite scarf, or some flashy accessories, the right statement piece can take any outfit from “okay” to “WOW!”

Leggings Fall Fashion Tips
Pictured: Mermaid Leggings, $30.99. 

Go Mini

Not ready to put away that short dress or skirt for the winter? Throw it on over a pair of leggings for a look that’s warm AND stylish.

As always, no matter what your style, the most important thing is to own it and be yourself!

We’d love to see your fall leggings styles! Share your photos with us on Facebook or Instagram for a chance to win a FREE pair of leggings!

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