How to Wear Galaxy Leggings

We've offered galaxy leggings since the very beginning! With five color options available, the high waist galaxy legging is one of our most popular classic prints.

Our original high waist galaxy leggings are inspired by actual photos taken by NASA, so you really can wear the galaxy on your legs! This stretchy printed legging is available in sizes S-4XL. 

In addition to being the perfect legging for making a stellar statement at the gym, this cosmic print is also great for dressing up for day or day or a fun night out. In this week's featured print post we'll show you a few of our favorite galaxy leggings outfits.

how to wear galaxy leggings

The Look: Blue galaxy leggings with ankle boots, a fuzzy white top, and oversized leather jacket.
Why We Love It: Casual and comfortable while still looking like you walked off a Pinterest board. 
Where to Wear: Show off your unbeatable sense of style while hanging out with friends downtown, day or night.

How to wear Galaxy leggings

The Look: Purple galaxy leggings with a white button up and black pullover sweater.
Why We Love It: Office chic that's out of this world!
Where to Wear: Class it up with a look that transitions nicely from the office to after-hours activities. 

How to Wear galaxy leggings

The Look: Rainbow galaxy leggings with a dark sleeveless button up and cute printed bandanna. 
Why We Love It: The bright red handbag adds an extra pop of color that brings out the gorgeous leggings!
Where to Wear: This casual look is comfortable enough for a day out, whether you're shopping for more leggings or attending a cool event. 

How to wear galaxy leggings

The Look: Purple galaxy leggings with flats and a graphic tee.
Why We Love It: A simple look that everyone can rock!
Where to Wear: Great for running errands when you don't want to be held back by (ugh) jeans.

How to wear galaxy leggings

The Look: Pink galaxy leggings with an asymmetric skirt, ankle boots, and a leather jacket.
Why We Love It: This sleek and sophisticated look is date night ready!
Where to Wear: Grabbing drinks at a bar or cafe when you want to be dressed to impress. 

What's your favorite way to wear your galaxy leggings? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to share your photos and tag #LotusLeggings on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

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