Cool Summer Prints to Beat the Heat

Summer is the best. You can take memorable vacations, spend the long sunny days on the beach, and enjoy warm evenings filled with fireflies...

But there’s another side to summer. One we all talk about but can’t do anything about. We’re talking, of course, about the heat.

Hot weather is way worse than cold weather. When you’re cold, you can layer. When you’re hot, there’s only so much you can take off.

Pictured: Skeleton Print Leggings, $25.99. 

Sure, you can hide out inside blasting the AC, but eventually you’ll have to go out. You step outside and you might as well be on fire.

Pictured: On Flame Athletic Capri, $19.99.

So how do you cope? The heat isn’t going away anytime soon.

You can try braving the hot sand gauntlet to take a dip in the ocean.

Pictured: Beach Leggings, $18.99. 

Or rolling around in the cool grass.

Pictured: Grass Leggings, $18.99. 

Maybe the spine tingling chill of a haunted house will make you forget your troubles for a little while.

Pictured: Haunted House Leggings, $18.99. 

Or you can daydream about another planet that stays a pleasant temperature year-round, or just enjoying the wonderful frozen abyss of space.

Pictured: Galaxy Leggings, $25.99. 

Whatever you decide to do to try and beat the heat, it’s always a relief when the sun goes down for a while.

Pictured: Sunset Leggings, $18.99. 

Which fantastic prints do you consider your summer "must haves"? Let us know in the comments!

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