8 Ways to De-Stress

Had a stressful week? Relaxation is the key to making sure that your stress doesn’t become overwhelming. Follow these easy tips to unwind.


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Meditation is like spring cleaning for your mind, and we all need to take the time to clear away the clutter now and then. Find a quiet place that you enjoy, sit comfortably, and let your thoughts and worries slip away.

Have a cup of tea.

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There’s nothing like having a little “me” time with a hot cup of your favorite brew and maybe a good book or a cat to keep you company. Many herbal teas are known to have stress relieving properties, as well as other health boosting benefits.

Get dressed up.

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Nothing beats a boost of confidence when you’re feeling down. Sometimes putting in some extra effort can be just what you need to feel good about yourself.

Spend time in nature.

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We spend so much time plugged into the world that we sometimes forget to recharge. Leave your smartphones, televisions, tablets, and computers behind and get in touch with nature again. Try going for a hike or enjoying an afternoon in your local park.


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Study after study has shown that regular exercise reduces stress and helps your overall mental health. Something as simple as a 20 minute walk a few times a week can do wonders for your mind and body, so do yourself a favor and hit the gym, the sidewalk, or your yoga mat!

Do something you love.

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So much of our time is dedicated to those necessary tasks--work, chores, errands. Your hobbies are just as important! Whether your favorite activity is binge watching the latest season of your favorite show, creating a piece of art, or dancing the night away, remember that instead of finding the time, you need to make the time.

Hang out with friends.

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Sometimes we forget the importance of social interactions, especially if we’re stressed or extra busy. Whether you need to vent about your week or just want some laughs, give your bestie a call!

Hang out with pets.

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We saved the best for last! Is there anything better or more relaxing than snuggling up with your favorite furry (or scaley) friend?

How do you like to unwind? Let us know in the comments!

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