6 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Haunted House Leggings
Pictured: Haunted House Leggings. 

Looking for some easy costume ideas for Halloween this year? We’ve got you covered!

We’ve put together a few great Halloween looks using some of our favorite leggings, tops, and dresses, which means you get to be super comfortable in addition to looking amazing! Check them out below and share your ideas with us!

 Skeleton Leggings

The Look: Spooky Skeleton
What You’ll Need: Skeleton Print Leggings, Skeleton Top
Makeup: White face paint

Is there anything more classic than dressing up as a skeleton for Halloween? Maybe a ghost, but sheets aren't as comfortable or flattering as leggings. 

 Harley Quinn Dress Leggings

The Look: Harley Quinn
What You’ll Need: Choose your look! We have a flirty skater dress and TWO pairs of leggings to choose from: Harlequin Leggings (pictured above) or our NEW Harley Leggings.
Makeup: Dark lipstick and some black & white face paint.
Accessories: Giant mallet and toy gun that says BANG! not included.

Go crazy with the makeup and grab Mistah J on your way out. Don’t forget the pigtails!

 Guns Out Leggings

The Look: The Punisher
What You’ll Need: Guns Out Leggings, a black tank top, and white fabric paint.
Accessories: Toy guns, holsters, and a thick black belt.

This fierce look is great for a Halloween party or Netflix binge!

 Sailor Moon Dress

The Look: Sailor Scout
What You’ll Need: Sailor Scout Skater Dress
Accessories: Tiara, gloves, and colored shoes or boots to match.

We have all 12 colors so you can be your favorite scout!

 Alien Leggings

The Look: Aliens Are Among Us
What You’ll Need: Alien Leggings, Alien Crop Top
Accessories: Dark Oversized Glasses, glow in the dark jewelry

The perfect outfit for some all-Hallows stargazing or discussing conspiracy theories with your friends.

 Mermaid Leggings

The Look: Marvelous Mermaid
What You’ll Need: Mermaid leggings in your favorite color, clam shell bra.
Makeup: Anything colorful, the shinier the better
Accessories: See our recommendations for “Makeup” above.

Being an adult is hard, so let’s be mermaids instead…for Halloween, at least! Did you know we have 12 shiny colors to choose from? It’s hard to choose just one!


What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Let us know in the comments, and share pictures of your Lotus Leggings outfits on our Facebook and Instagram pages with the tag #lotusleggings for a chance to be featured!

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  • Robert Payes

    Just wanted to go on record that the model in the top photo of this article is cute as hell. That is all. ;)

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