5 Essential Tips for Your Post-Workout Style

5 Athleisure Style Tips
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Tired of the hassle of changing your entire outfit after your workout? There are plenty of reasons to try out the athleisure style:

  • Athleisure is easy. Minimize the amount you have to carry and keep track of all day by finding key mix and match pieces that pair with your athletic leggings.
  • Athleisure looks great. There’s nothing better than a look that shows off your active lifestyle!
  • Athleisure feels great. Why not be comfortable all day?
  • Athleisure is inspiring! Cutting the extra step of changing into your athletic gear means no more excuses when it comes to your workout routine!
  • BONUS! Athleisure helps you show off your hard-earned results!

5 Tips for Athleisure Style
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From athleisure to actual leisure, these fashion tips for wearing leggings will help you go from the gym to the streets with style that will make you look flawless and always put together. Here are our top tips for dressing sporty chic!


  1. Mix Function with Fashion. Performance fabrics such as our LotusX FlexTech material are designed to be functional for an active lifestyle while also looking great. These fabrics offer sweat-wicking and odor resistant properties while also smoothing the appearance of cellulite and preventing those pesky muffin tops.
  2. Keep it Sporty. Go full athleisure by throwing on a nice pair of sneakers and a sporty jacket after your workout. You’ll look like you’re ready for anything.
  3. Dress to the Occasion. If work or a lunch date with the girls is next on your agenda, throw a nice top or blouse and a pair of heels into your gym bag to upgrade your look quickly and easily. Check out our top 10 tips for wearing leggings to work!
  4. Stay Neutral. Dark or medium toned color schemes and neutral prints such as plaids, animal prints, and other repeated patterns are easy to style for any activity. See our tips for mixing prints here!
  5. Accessorize. It’s all about the accessories! Structured jackets, mirrored sunglasses, and oversized jewelry are great additions to get your post-workout look street-ready.
  6. Add Volume. The second-skin fit of our leggings provides a slimming look. Accentuate that effect by wearing loose tops to put the emphasis on all those great curves you’re sporting.

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What pair of leggings do you love to show off at the gym? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to share your pics with us on Facebook and Instagram and tag #LotusLeggings for a chance to be featured!



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