10 Reasons to try a Lotus Crate Leggings Subscription Box

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Are you addicted to leggings? Do you love all things subscription box? Why not give the Lotus Crate a try?

What is the Lotus Crate?

The Lotus Crate is a monthly leggings subscription box that delivers a pair of high quality printed leggings right to your door every month for less than you’d pay in our store!

What’s in a Crate?

The Lotus Crate has two tiers: Basic and Deluxe. The Basic crate includes one pair of leggings every month at a $25 value. In the Deluxe crate, you’ll receive up to 3 pieces per month valued up to $75! The Deluxe crate may also include dresses, tops, skirts, and more, but you’ll always receive a fresh new pair of leggings.

How do you get started?

Signing up for your monthly leggings subscription is easy! Go to our Subscribe page and follow the quick 3-step process, and we’ll process your order and ship your first crate to you in just a few days!

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Need to know more? Here are 10 reasons why we LOVE the Lotus Crate:

  1. It makes a great gift! You can gift a friend with 1, 3, 6, or 12 months of amazing leggings delivered right to their door for a 1-time payment! All gift subscriptions match our Basic level plan.
  2. Afraid you’ll receive a pair of printed leggings you already own? Not a problem! If you do happen to receive a duplicate pair, simply reach out to us and we’ll exchange it for something new!
  3. Our team hand picks the styles that will go into the Lotus Crate every month. Picks can include seasonal and holiday prints, exclusive early releases, and even retired prints no longer sold on the site. You never know what you’ll get!
  4. Choose from two plans. Our Basic plan includes one pair of leggings every month. With the Deluxe plan, you’ll get 1-3 pieces of clothing every month (leggings, dresses, tops, and more!) plus the occasional mystery gift!
  5. Plans start at only $9.99/month! That’s way less than most monthly clothing subscription services.
  6. Decide how much you want to pay. We offer month-to-month payment plans, or you can prepay up to 12 months to save even more! All plan options are guaranteed less than in-store prices, so you’ll always know you’re getting a good deal!
  7. Enjoy great savings up to 70% off! You’ll always pay less than store prices.
  8. Motivate yourself to stick to your workout plan with a fresh new pair of leggings every month to wear to the gym!
  9. It’s like receiving a gift every month! You never know what will be in that white and blue box!
  10. Just like most of our products, the Lotus Crate is available in all sizes, including plus sizes up to 4XL!



If you’re interested in receiving monthly leggings shipped to your door, sign up for the Lotus Crate leggings subscription today! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what other customers are already receiving in their boxes, and tag your photos with #LotusLeggings for a chance to be featured!

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