7 Nautical Prints to Get You Through Shark Week

Shark week is upon us once again. Dress for the occasion with these fantastic seafaring prints. You're gonna need a bigger boat to hold all these great styles. 

  1. Beach Leggings, $18.99, or Beach Athletic Capri, $19.99.

    Available in full length leggings or athletic capri, this gorgeous landscape print reminds you where it’s safest--observing the sharks at a distance on dry land.

  2. Jellyfish Athletic Capri, $19.99. 

    Go with the flow in this vibrant and mysterious print, available in blue or pink.

  3. Koi Dragon Athletic Leggings, $27.99.

    If you’re going up against a shark, you’ll probably want a dragon on your side.

  4. Mermaid Leggings, $25.99, Athletic Leggings, $27.99, Athletic Capri, $19.99. 

    Ready to answer the call of the sea? This shimmering, jewel-like print is available in three styles and ten colors!

  5. Lucky Fish Athletic Capri, $19.99. 

    Remember, fish are friends, not food. These lucky fish are here to keep you from becoming food yourself.

  6. Under the Sea Leggings, $25.99. 

    Maybe life is better under the sea, but at least on land we don’t have sharks!

  7. Wind and Sea Leggings, $18.99. 

    Tame the seven seas with this maritime print.

Would you brave the open seas in these prints? What do you love best about shark week? Let us know in the comments!

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