Become a Lotus Leggings Videography affiliate

You will have the opportunity to earn money and shoot a variety of videos wherever you are in the world, from engaging exposure videos to conversion based videos to product videos and much more. These videos will be featured on our social media accounts.

We are looking for individuals, with
  • Dedication and passion to create
  • Previous experience in producing video media content
  • Previous experience in post-production, preferably, but not limited to clips with 2-8 minute segments.
  • Excellent editing skills
  • Access to or ownership of editing software and all equipment needed to produce videos

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Key Benefits


By producing media for Lotus Leggings, you will get to keep the product used in media production.


With such a large audience, almost 1.3 million likers on Facebook, you’ll get heaps of free exposure since your work will be credited to you. This exposure can open many doors for you. EARN MONEY!


When you join this private program you will receive an email with the project opportunity, and you will simply reply and fill out a bidding form on the project. After reviewing your portfolio and your bid, we will reach out to you and begin the communication process via email. At this stage you will start earning.
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Join our participants today and start earning now.
Rosie from California has received her first product, Lotus X™. She has started making money on her own time, creating cool videos for us. Her exposure skyrocketed and her website traffic has increased as many people liked her style of video and wanted to offer her more opportunities to work on videos for them.

Alex from North Carolina, United States has most recently received her first bundle of products, and, I'll tell you what, although they’re not finished with their project, she has enjoyed every minute of working on the project, and is excited to continue to make videos for us and maintain this relationship.

This next story could be yours. Try it out and see for yourself what this can do for you, whether it's the exposure you are interested in or the experience, or maybe you just want to earn extra cash on your own time. Either way, you should try it out and see where it leads you!

Who else is going to give you free exposure and marketing just because you created media content for them? Here at Lotus Leggings, every part of our team is very important to us and we are here to empower all people.

Take advantage of this great opportunity and get some projects under your belt. Making money is nice too!
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